11 Best Electric Kettles 2024: Gooseneck, Temperature Control, Cheap | gastrobackuae

11 Best Electric Kettles 2024: Gooseneck, Temperature Control, Cheap | gastrobackuae

Different drinks, including coffee and some herbal teas, shouldn’t be made with boiling water as this affects their taste. A multi-temperature kettle is also useful for other jobs, such as making up a baby’s bottle. If you’re looking for an electric kettle to brew pour-over coffee, a gooseneck model like the Fellow Stagg EKG is a must-have, according to the experts. With a gooseneck kettle, you’ll have precise control over the stream of water, which makes it easier to bloom your coffee grounds and slowly pour water for optimal brewing.

  • According to Tea Drunk’s Teng, one way to make better tea at home is to use hotter water for high-quality tea and lower-temperature water for subpar tea.
  • However, it lost marks on the temperature of the casing, which reached 85.6°C after boiling.
  • Overall, the Breville IQ has most of the features we liked from the Cuisinart CPK-17, plus a few others that are a little better, like the open handle and buttons on the base.
  • If you’re especially concerned about plastic components in your kettle, our pick for the best gooseneck kettle, the Cuisinart GK-1 Digital Gooseneck Kettle, has an all-steel body and lid.

There’s only one small niggle with the Structure kettle overall – the simple fact you’ve got to remove the lid to fill it up, but other than that, Espresso Machine it’s a great and rather affordable all-rounder that looks great. Moreover, its 1.7-litre capacity is great for gatherings big and small, as is the fact it can boil one cup at a time for ultimate precision, or if things need to be done on a person-by-person basis. The Structure Kettle is also a fast boiler, taking roughly two and a half minutes for a litre, four minutes for full capacity and for one cup, just 45 seconds.

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Do you need it to be fast in the mornings, or is it more important that it’s quiet so it doesn’t wake up the house? Safety is also definitely worth considering — if you have young children running around, or pets on your countertop, don’t buy one which can scald and cause burns. While the main body for the DeLonghi Brilliante Kettle is plastic, it does not feel like a ‘cheap’ design. The casing feels quite thick and is engraved with a diagonal pattern, giving it a modern and interesting appearance. The lid is also well-secured, and feels of decent quality when you remove and refit it. Our main qualm with the design is the filter, which needs to be pressed down to remove — replacing this proved to be tricky.

Sage Compact Kettle

It’s also naturally a little more bulky than a jug kettle because of its traditional shape, so you will need more countertop space for it. The Breville Curve Kettle stands out for its intuitive and easy to use design. The limescale filter is simple to remove, the lid is easy to fit, and it’s easy to fill this kettle through the spout, even on full flow. The handle is rounded, making it comfortable to grip and the water gauge can be read as you fill it up too. The quality of the design could be questioned by some however, as the main body is plastic with no steel interior.

Bella Ceramic Electric Kettle

Considering this, the design is more aesthetically pleasing than practical, however if you want a small, pretty kettle, and don’t mind the maintenance, then it’s worth it. We were amazed by how quiet this model was, emitting just 64dB when boiling, which is way lower than anything else we tested. We also loved that it comes with a 235ml minimum capacity, which means you won’t waste anything  if you’re boiling water for one cup of tea. However the exterior gets very hot, reaching 87.6°C after boiling one litre, so you need to be cautious around it.

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